Sunday, June 19, 2011

i have committed blocking!

hi all!

having gone to the trouble of knitting not one, but two of the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Knits, i finally had to do something about the whole blocking thing.

i recently moved a very large plywood bookcase into my bedroom, where i have, if not more open floor, at least an openable floor with no(t much) cat hair, so i tacked a sheet to the bookcase and pinned the wet shawl to the sheet! this wasn't quite as straight forward as i'd have liked, especially since i was sort of MaGyver-ing the whole thing. but...

block 1
and a close up!
block 1 closeup

(there's a right side up pic on flickr, if yer interested!)

the blue one will get its turn either tomorrow or when i get back from Origins... hopefully tomorrow, since i'd like to wear it in Ohio!

maybe someday i'll get blocking wires, and blocking mats, and proper pins (instead of lace pins, sigh) ... maybe...

blocking, squee!