Monday, November 24, 2008

near-epic fail!

if you like the band, take easy knitting... sounds like a simple rule, no? sigh...

so here i am at Bound for Glory, listening to Small Potatoes, working on my glitten (half glove half mitten, to go with the Tabi i have yet to blog about.), when the rule comes to bite me in the kiester!

i had finished making the hand down to where i needed a thumb, and i'd made the thumb. so i went to knit the thumb in with the rest of the hand... easy, right? i got all the way around the hand and back to the thumb before i realized what i had done. i held it so my Mom could see, and she starts laughing. well, stifling the giggles, since this is the last song of the last set. so i start stifling the giggles. Helena looks over from her 2 inches of sweater, and i try showing it to her.

she doesn't get the joke. so i put it on so she can see the error. by the time that the last song was over, and the show outtro, and the two-song encore, we've mostly stopped the giggling, and i've figured out how to show the obviousness of the stupid thing i'd done...

near-epic fail 1

"it was a really good last set..." sez me. this was funny, but once i'd shown it to all the knitters, including one of the performers, it was time for a few pics...

near-epic fail 2

and home... i should have this finished by tonight or tomorrow night... pics of the whole "pair" then...

dani 8-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

coolest web comic ever!

so i've discovered the coolest web comic ever! it's the story of Arthur and Camelot, and all that, but the characters switch from one time-line to another! almost the perfect Dani plot!

the current strip is here:

the first strip is here:

and these are worth remembering!
the Norman Invasion
a Good Point
Hadrian Collider

is great fun... is also a great time-sink... until you catch up!