Sunday, December 21, 2008

glittens finished

it's hard to take pictures of both your hands at the same time... so i've only got the one to show, but it's much better that the last time you saw it!

epic fail diverted 2epic fail diverted 1

this one is fitted so the tip doesn't slide around when i close my fist.

the other one, which is green, does not have this feature... but then it's a less useful hand overall.

too much stuff?

anxiety dreams are clearly not just caused by weddings. (the last crazy dream i blogged about involved a table full of geeks, none of whom wanted to talk to me...)

apparently, they can also be caused by too many blankets (and, possibly, brussel sprouts a la green beans).

this time, the altered terrain was Goldwin Smith Hall. it was clearly late at night, and winter break. i believe i was staying overnight, due to a winter storm, and had had a few visitors to my classroom abode during the evening. having heard voices and therefore partially dressed for a trip to the loo, i realized that the people who were wandering about in the hall were firefighters, and there was clearly smoke wafting about in the hallway. occasionally, someone would knock very gently to see if anyone was inside, but i, in my passive-aggressive way, was waiting for someone to knock with reasonable loudness, while i packed up my incredibly large amount of stuff. the bulk of the dream that i can remember consists of bustling around the warm room, in my coat, packing voluminous quantities of crafting, gaming, and bedding stuff into a couple of supposedly inadequate containers.

i remember thinking, shortly before the alarm woke me up, that all the visitors had "helped" me unpack all my junk, as i hadn't seem most of it come out of the boxes. and how this wouldn't have been quite the issue had i, or they, seen fit to put things away when i/they were done with them.

of course, when the guy with the keys showed up and let them in, it wasn't a fire, but a reported toxic spill, or some other "dream-breakup" shift-of-gears. go figure...

so, is this an anxiety dream about:

a) the snow,
b) the prospect of being alone in a office overnight on a deserted campus,
c) carrying too much stuff around with me,
d) no-one helps me pack up my stuff after gaming,
e) a message to pick up as i go along?

or was i just too hot in too many blankets?

good question!

Friday, December 19, 2008


heh, heh, heh... PDQ Bach Engine... heh, heh, heh...