Sunday, April 22, 2018


happy Earth Day!

i post here the corrected version of my Celtic Snow Flakes, from the Lodi 2018 convention...

text-only pattern - both sizes
visual pattern - small
visual pattern - large snowflake

warning!  the visual patterns don't print well... i'm still working on that!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

is this thing on?

this is a test, partly to see if anyone's listening, and partly to show someone else the wonders of blogging...

like many, i need to get back to this...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

beautiful lace

holy cow, it's a blog post!

i was gifted with a antique book of knitting, crochet, and "other" patterns, a couple months ago.  since i found that a PDF was available, i gave the physical book to someone who would appreciate such a thing, and started in translating antique knit-speak to modern notation. (this is starting to become a theme!)

it seems that Ravelry doesn't want patterns that aren't a finished "thing," so i'm posting the plain translated pattern here.  the finished wrist warmers/ finger-less mitts are on Rav at the pattern will be uploaded there shortly... i hope!

the base pattern can be accessed with this "elegant and finely crafted link"... Beautiful Lace.

feel free to comment for any reason whatsoever,,, except spam, of course!


Friday, January 23, 2015

TIAS 2015!

hi all!

i'm posting here so i don't forget!

the TIAS is up and running again, and i'm running behind trying to keep up!  i've been an average of two "days" behind the whole time!

here's my composite of days 1-3 and 7... there was a mixup at the end of the first ear (yes, i'm with the rabbit crowd!)  and i had to start over again... in the middle of church, which made pictures problematic.

hope to keep up for a while!


Friday, April 18, 2014

crocheted butterfly pic

hi all!

wow, i bet you didn't even remember i had a blog!  i almost didn't!

(ok, ok, enough with the "!"s already!  err...)


a few years ago, we passed around a crocheted butterfly pattern at the Hector Tatting convention.  i have just been asked to provide a picture:

Neil's crocheted butterfly

i would also link to the pattern, but we're not sure where it came from in the first place, except we're pretty sure it's under copyright to someone else...

any way... i'll try to get back to the whole "blog" thing, now that i'm mostly over my fan-fic binge... which actually has nothing to do with why i stopped blogging... more later?


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

spelling - fixed!

sigh.  i may have a problem with ellipses.   i may have a serious problem with non-capitalization.  i may even have a problem with making up words.  but i can, by golly, spell!

too bad Cornell Dining can't!

rusty's sign 1

but that's ok, because i fixed it!

so there!

rusty's sign 4


Sunday, June 19, 2011

i have committed blocking!

hi all!

having gone to the trouble of knitting not one, but two of the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Knits, i finally had to do something about the whole blocking thing.

i recently moved a very large plywood bookcase into my bedroom, where i have, if not more open floor, at least an openable floor with no(t much) cat hair, so i tacked a sheet to the bookcase and pinned the wet shawl to the sheet! this wasn't quite as straight forward as i'd have liked, especially since i was sort of MaGyver-ing the whole thing. but...

block 1
and a close up!
block 1 closeup

(there's a right side up pic on flickr, if yer interested!)

the blue one will get its turn either tomorrow or when i get back from Origins... hopefully tomorrow, since i'd like to wear it in Ohio!

maybe someday i'll get blocking wires, and blocking mats, and proper pins (instead of lace pins, sigh) ... maybe...

blocking, squee!